Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Star Wars: Blood Ties -- A Tale of Jango and Boba Fett #1 :: Profile :: Dark Horse Comics

In stores today.

Star Wars: Blood Ties -- A Tale of Jango and Boba Fett #1 :: Profile :: Dark Horse Comics


Daniel said...

Hi Chris,

I just checked out the preview for this comic and love the pic after the kid get sprayed with the pheromone!

Your art works are really inspiring and wonderful.



PunkSkateboarders said...

awesome work

peterson said...

I know you receive many Muggles writing these things, but please, draw me to four children holding hands forming a circle in the middle of a war.
They are two boys and two girls.
It is to my story
Your name is: Adventures in Loki
I was thinking of writing a series of four books.
The first is Adventures In Loki - The End of War
Wish you design the cover, you're the best cartoonist I ever saw.
I'm from Brazil and my name is Peterson.
I will wait for the image on your site

Cheers! Peterson

artmandoo said...

Hi Chris,
My name is Scott,I am a searching artist.I am 42 years old have 4 girls and one boy.May I say your work is out standing,I have watched all your youtube videos
@ least 5 times each.I have always had in one way or another some kind of job,most hard labor.I am trying to make a portpholio and get some exposure.I do mostly mistical stuff on the computer.Can you give me any hints on how I should go about this?Do you have any audible tutorials?I get into art for a while think I can't make any money and get back out of it.
I think This time I will give it a longer shot and turn over leaf in my path!I have 3 kid with major ad hd so I feel a little bit of what you go through,Thank for any help man,Keep producing your 24k artwork.
P.S.-----My email is THNX Scott

censhin_himmura said...

Hi my name is Alexe Andrei and i am from Romania. I am working on a lil book, in english and i decided to make a website and post it there. I looked at how u draw and you have very nice talent. I wanted for my book to have some drawings based on the subject of it, and i would love and apreciate if you could do that.

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