Monday, June 8, 2009

SciFi preproduction art- 3 hr digital paint...

This one is a pretty much a preproduction painting for my own animation. It is my own little "bad guy" character I made up for my Star Wars fanfilm experiment that I play around with when time permits. It's very fascinating for me to do pieces like this since there is absolutely NO reference, and barely any time to devote to it.. So once again,--as my average works seem to be-- it was around 3 hours to complete this and it is indeed time-lapsed for quick viewing.. It is a pretty good challenge since it has it's own little built in deadline, even though it is not for anyone but myself... I am trying to learn how to improve my speed art for projects like this since I will never be able to work on things like this for more than 3 hours. (usually I need to get up extra early like 4:30 am to get something like this done inside of my typical days.)


Photoshop CS on a Mac
with Wacom INtuos 3

Digital Painting Photo-Realism Again

About the Artist...

Blah, blah, blah... (in other words, I'm still working on this part...)