Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Art Scene...

Sometime within the next month or so, this magazine hits the stands at stores like Borders, Barnes and Noble, etc. There's a pretty good dose of material from me in it including a "how to" section and a story about my escapades as an artist. I hadn't really pursued getting myself into publications like this, until now. As some of you know, I have a 10 yr old daughter with autism and my wife and I are quite involved in the autism community.

I recently made up my mind that if I am going to make any difference for this cause, I need to try a little harder about making a name for myself as an artist... Then, maybe I can have a stronger voice in helping the cause for awareness and making the world a better place for autistics. We are almost finished completing our non-profit official organization "Creative Alliance for Autism" as I continue to push to get some recognition to draw eyes and ears toward that organization. So spread the word! Spread the sites!

I want to make a difference... Thanks!


!*S.T.U-Vash said...

Hi Chris !
Really nice to always see you working for helping people.
I can't stop myself to say you that I love the way you draw, paint, or make 3D model ... anyway xD

I'll try to spread the word and also the sites with the people I know, don't give up that's the spirit :)

Hope that you'll make great things in the future ^^

Sophie said...

I have some people within my immediate family with autism too, in the form of Asberger's Syndrome. since the person in my family is on the "good" side of the scale and has some focusing issues, we need to keep them going. But otherwise it's pretty good. I'm glad that you are advocating for autism awareness! Keep up the great work. -Soph573

Freshalex said...

I just bought that issue of Art Scene in Australia, those pictures are very awesome and I totally love the speed videos you have. Keep up the good work and good luck with the organization

Epsilon52 said...

WOW! Thats all I have to say after spending the last 2 hours studying your videos trying to improve my own skill. Just got my Intuos 3 today and enjoying it. After reading your blog I have to say that not all young people are stuck up or naive. I'm 22 and quite humble and aware of how much I need to improve and how far I have to go to actually be happy with my art. But, thank you for posting such wonderful videos! I was in awe! I grabbed my roomates and made them watch although I don't think they appreciated it as much as I did. I can only hope I can be at the level you are when I'm 40. I especially love the dragon and beast speed drawings. Only, I yearn to know the method behind it all. Your technique is quite wonderful. Keep producing magic! I look forward to your future videos!

My Paper Room said...

Hi Chris,

Just finished reading your post on humility.....I wish you all the best and think you're an truly amazing artist. I'm about to complete my 4th year of B.Vis.Art and though I dont normally leave posts on the internet I felt I had to make this a one off as I believe you are one of the few people who have a divinely given talent. Good Luck in the future.

Leandro Henríquez said...

Muchas gracias por compartir su experiencia.
Más allá del talento lo importante es la pasión de trabajar en lo que a uno le gusta.
Amo la pintura y me esforzaré por conseguir una mejor técnica.
Tengo mucho que aprender aún acerca de la vida y la pintura...

Simplemente gracias

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