Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lots of new stuff on the way....

I'm on a creative binge... On a mission. I have determined that my website is stale. It needs more NEW material on it. And so, as always-- I have found several pieces of art that are 80% finished sitting on my hard drive as well as several OTHER traditional art paintings in the same status that I just need to finish and get em up here!

In addition to that, I went ahead and started on a new digital painting today (pictured here with this post.). I put a few hours into it already, and it's almost done. You can be looking for it on youtube tomorrow, as a time-lapse vid of the art being created. You can see by the small image here how close to being done it is right now-- but I want to tighten the realism even more. Unfortunately, I have a nasty headache, I'll just finish it in the morning.

More to come, tomorrow!


chargin said...

Chris it is good to see you are active on your blog and site again.

I love your artwork, especially of dragons and would be interested in discussing a business deal with you in relation to the same. Just let me know and I will email you my contact details.

On a less professional note...did you previously live in England then move to the USA? Not sure where I got that from but I thought you were in England and now your You Tube profile says you are in the USA??

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you.

Chris said...


Nope. Never lived outside of the States...

Thanks for your kind words on my work.

Regarding your deal, feel free to drop me a line via the email on the website contact page.


Verdeazul said...


I´m from Spain and you probably see a lot of spelling problems, sorry.

Well i like your artworks very much, specially the ones of the dragons, i see your youtube channel and i like it, how you made your artworks.

But i have a "problem". I have 15 years old and i like to learn to do artworks so good as you, but i don´t know from where i have to start, how i can learn to do that, artworks like the one "a dragon awakens".

I´ll be very grateful if you tell me the way you learn to do this things, or at least how i can start.

I´ll look forward to your reply too.

Thank you and happy new year!

rodrigotrovao said...

Chris when you do your stuff, like this baby, for example, whats the size of your canvas in photoshop? Thanks a lot. Im a big fan.. trying to follow u.. long road.. id like to chat with you someday. U look a nice fella. Thanks and once more, very nice works chris.

Nan said...

I just found you on youtube. Your talent is jaw-dropping... amazing.

Gus said...

Amazing... I found my home here...
I will be here long, loooong time...

Young Heejin said...

It's such a very nice photo.

Berkan said...

Hi Chris I've seen your work and It's beautiful! I'have buyed a Wacom Bamboo Tablet and working on it, It seems to be fun! Can u make some tutorials please? It would be great!


Berkan said...
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carol 2002 said...

I saw your artwork on your youtube and i like it,
you have a good talent and a high sense of
and i learned some things also :)
i would pursue your artwork now

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I wish you success

About the Artist...

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